National Human Rights Institutions and their work on migrants’ human rights

Results of a survey among NHRIs

This analysis is based on a survey of NHRIs worldwide conducted in the summer of 2018. It aims to further the implementation of the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) by NHRIs. Of the (then) 110 NHRIs worldwide accredited as being in full or partial compliance with the UN Paris Principles, almost a third participated. Main results are that a) migrant rights are well-established on NHRIs’ agendas, b) NHRIs are an effective link between the national and the international level as well as between the individual and the structural level of human rights protection, c) most NHRIs believe that the effectiveness of their work on migrants’ rights could be increased, particularly through exchange and joint work, d) across all regions, NHRIs’ work on implementation of migrants’ human rights is being hampered by increased anti-immigrant sentiment, together with public policies that frame migrants as security risks and by restrictions on admission to the country placed by governments. The analysis concludes by recommending increased collaboration among NHRIs, especially in cross-regional contexts, that they be supported in their interactions with regional and global organisations working on migrants’ rights and be recognised and included by them, in their monitoring and accountability roles, when setting up programmes.

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Autor*in: Andrea Kämpf
Themen: Asyl und Migration
Herausgeber*in: German Institute for Human Rights

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