KfW’s Human Rights Obligations in Conservation Work

The example of La Salonga National Park.

Germany’s engagement in the protection of national parks in Central Africa has come under increased international and domestic scrutiny in recent years. International NGOs, such as Rainforest UK, drew attention to allegations that park staff have committed serious human rights violations. These allegations have also been the subject of a series of parliamentary inquiries raised by members of the German parliament. In autumn 2019, KfW commissioned a consulting company specialising in security and community participation issues, to assess the security and environmental and social management systems at La Salonga in DR Congo. The KfW requested the German Institute for Human Rights to advise it and the consulting on the inclusion and evaluation of human rights aspects in this assessment. In this position paper, the Institute summarises the points covered in its human rights advice to KfW and draws conclusions of relevance for the overall environmental and social management (ESM) of this and other engagements.

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Themen: Entwicklungspolitik
Herausgeber*in: Deutsches Institut für Menschenrechte

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