Children’s Rights into the Basic Law

Questions on the current legislative proposal for Article 6 (2) of the Basic Law

The incorporation of children’s rights into the Basic Law (Grundgesetz), Germany’s constitution, has been a key demand of children’s rights advocates for years. The Federal Government declared its intention to incorporate children’s rights into the Basic Law in its current coalition agreement. A working group was set up within the coalition committee, based on an agreement among the leaders of the coalition parties. This group’s proposal for a clause incorporating children’s rights into the Basic Law came out in the press on 11 January 2021 and was published in a press release by the BMJV the next day, 12 January 2021. In the meantime, an official government draft was published.

In the view of the National CRC Monitoring Mechanism, the latest draft clause raises some questions.

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Themen: Kinderrechte
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