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The Human Rights Impacts of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Measures

The study examines the human rights impacts of climate mitigation and adaptation measures in specific sectors, such as renewable energy, conservation, transportation, housing and construction. To do so, it draws on a number of case studies from different geographical areas across the Global South and Global North. The study identifies factors that influence or determine human rights impacts and examines mechanisms used to either avoid or mitigate potential human rights impacts from climate adaptation and mitigation measures.

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Autor*in: Dr Megan Donald
Themen: Klima und Nachhaltigkeit
Herausgeber*in: German Institute for Human Rights

Größe: (PDF, 7,51 MB)
ISBN: 978-3-949459-01-6 (PDF)
Seiten: 72
Erschienen: 05/2022

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