The human right to education in the German school system

What will it take to reduce discrimination

The present analysis is intended as to help shift human rights more into the focus of discussions on education and educational justice, particularly with respect to protection against discrimination. Protection against discrimination, as a structural principle of human rights, is integral to all of them. All human beings are equally entitled to human rights on the basis of their humanity, and human rights are not guaranteed unless everyone can exercise them without encountering discrimination. Thus education, as a human right, entails the recognition of equal rights for all.

The publication is a slightly revised excerpt from the German publication „Das Menschenrecht auf Bildung im deutschen Schulsystem. Was zum Abbau von Diskriminierung notwendig ist“.

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Autor*in: Mareike Niendorf, Sandra Reitz
Themen: Kinderrechte, Menschenrechtsbildung
Herausgeber*in: German Institute for Human Rights

Größe: (PDF, 2,20 MB)
ISBN: 9783946499824 (PDF)
URN: urn:nbn:de:0168-ssoar-71588-7
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Erschienen: 12/2020

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