Protection from Discrimination


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Protection from discrimination

The principle of non-discrimination is a direct consequence of the due respect for human dignity every person is entitled to equally. It is therefore no coincident that the protection from discrimination was at the centre of human rights from the very beginning. In the past few decades, the awareness of discrimination issues has been raised considerably due to a societal learning process mainly advanced by the groups directly affected by discrimination. This positive development manifests itself in the rising number of grounds of discrimination explicitly referred to in human rights documents, in the raising awareness also of forms of indirect (i. e. unintended) discrimination, and in the attempt to ensure effective legal protection against discrimination by private persons.

Our work in this area focuses on the following issues and projects:

  • Anti-discrimination legislation

  • European Commission against Racism and Intolerance

  • UN Convention against Racial Discrimination

  • UN Convention on Women's Rights

  • Workshops, seminars and other events