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Development Policy

Recommended Reading

Lüke, Monika (2013): Human Rights Assessment of the German-Cambodian Land Rights Program (LRP), 65 pp.

Publications in cooperation with the GIZ


The Info Tools provide information about how development cooperation practitioners can make use of international and regional human rights protection systems and national human rights institutions, including for human rights budgeting.

List of E-Info-Tools

Promising Practices

The Promising Practices document successful implementation practices of a human rights based-approach in different countries.

List of Promising Practices

Reports of Consulting Missions

These reports document consulting missions und recommendations for implementing a human rights-based approach in different countries and sectors.

List of Reports of Consulting Missions

Talking Human Rights

Different interview partners discuss their point of view on the implementation of a human rights-based approach focusing on a specific example.

List of Talking Human Rights

Bibliography and Link List

These documents compile key links and literature on different topics and sectors. References include documents from the international human rights protection system, academic publications, and reports by development agencies.

Bibliography and Link List


Brief statements answer frequently asked questions on human rights protection  in general and the human rights-based approach to development cooperation.



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