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Reporting to the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRANET)

Since November 2007, the German Institute for Human Rights serves as the national focal point for reporting to the European Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) in Vienna. The Institute is therefore part of the Agency’s so-called FRALEX network. The Agency has focal points in all 28 member states. Based on a framework contract between the Agency and the Institute, the German Institute for Human Rights produces comprehensive legal studies regarding the situation of fundamental rights and freedoms in Germany. For the period from 2007 to 2012, the Agency’s multi-annual framework identifies nine subject areas: racism, discrimination, compensation for victims, children’s rights, asylum and migration, visa and border control, internal security and data protection, participation of EU citizens in the Union’s democratic functioning and access to justice.

Reports of the German Institute for Human Rights as well as reports by all 27 other EU member states form the basis for Europe-wide comparative studies on individual subjects. Reports by the Institute are based on guidelines regarding framework and emphases of each topic, predefined by FRA.

Until now, the Agency has published an EU-wide comparative report on the issue of homophobia (2008), for which the German Institute for Human Rights supplied the relevant national expertise. A report on child trafficking followed in 2009, comparative studies on national human rights institutions and on data protection in May 2010. A study on the impact of the Racial Equality Directive will also be published in 2010.

The Institute has also supplied the Agency with so-called flash reports and bulletins outlining recent developments in the subject areas of the Agency’s multi-annual framework. They are used by FRA for compiling newsletters and annual reports. With its reporting function in the framework of the FRALEX-network, the German Institute for Human Rights aims to strengthen the Fundamental Rights Agency as a key actor for the preventive protection of human rights in the region, and to expand its competences in European human rights protection.

Comparative reports 

Data Protection in the European Union: the role of National Data Protection Authorities (PDF, 104 KB, not barrier free) (May 2010) 

National Human Rights Institutions in the EU Member States (PDF, 95 KB, not barrier free) (May 2010)

Child Trafficking in the European Union - Challenges, perspectives and good practices (PDF, 1 MB, not barrier free) (2009)

Homophobia and Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation in the EU Member States Part I - Legal Analysis (PDF, 926 KB, not barrier free) (2008) 


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