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State Party Review 2018-2021

The implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in Germany is being reviewed for the second time by the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Committee) in 2018.

Implementation of the CRPD in Germany was assessed by the Committee for the first time in 2015. The result was published on 27 April 2015 in its "Concluding Observations". In this document, the committee’s experts revealed problems, raised points of criticism and formulated recommendations, which pointed the way forward for further UN CRPD implementation in Germany. The Concluding Observations call on federal, Länder and local authorities to attend to the implementation recommendations pertaining to their respective mandates. The National CRPD Monitoring Mechanism has published documents on the implementation of individual rights. You can find these under Views of the Monitoring Mechanism.

In the upcoming combined second and third report cycle, Germany must report by 1st October 2019 on the progress it has made to implement the rights of persons with disabilities with special reference to the above recommendations and will then be reviewed and assessed again by the Committee. The prelude to this State party review was the 20th meeting of the Committee in autumn, which was followed by handing over to Germany a list of issues prior to reporting (Word, 52 KB, not barrier-free), which will be the basis of the second and third report on Germany. In advance of the session, the National CRPD Monitoring Mechanism submitted to the Committee a so called Pre-List of Issues (PDF. 286 KB). At the session itself, the Monitoring Mechanism made a statement (PDF, 115 KB) and answered questions of the Committee. Here you can find further information on the course of the State party review and how associations and organisations of persons with disabilities can participate.

Under "Documents relating to the 2nd State party report procedure" you can find the most important documents. You can retrieve relevant documents and information on the first State party review 2011–2015 from the archive.

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