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The National CRPD Monitoring Mechanism hosts a range of events addressing issues related to the UN CRPD. Some of these are open to the public, such as the large conferences, which are also webcast live. Other events, for instance some of the discussions with experts on specific issues, are held in a confidential setting.

Two to three times each year the National CRPD Monitoring Mechanism invites disability advocacy organizations to the German Institute for Human Rights to take part in what it calls the "Civil Society Consultations". The purpose of the consultations is to allow the exchange of information and experience between civil society and the National CRPD Monitoring Mechanism and the discussion of strategies to promote respect for and the implementation of the convention. One particular issue is highlighted on the programme at each consultation. The range of organizations represented at these events is uniquely diverse.

The staff of the National CRPD Monitoring Mechanism also contributes to public events hosted by governmental and non-governmental organizations.

You can find information about upcoming events on the institute's Calendar of Events (only in German).

On this pages you can learn about events hosted by the National CRPD Monitoring Mechanism in the past:

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