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All children have rights. These rights are spelled out in the UN CRC. Along with other states, Germany has pledged to respect and realise children’s rights. The independent National CRC Monitoring Mechanism of the German Institute for Human Rights assesses whether Germany is doing a good job of realising children’s rights. To do this, it looks at legislation and talks with organisations that advocate on children's behalf and also with children and adolescents themselves. It advises politicians, public authorities, schools and many other bodies about improving their realisation of children’s rights.

The children’s rights issues that the National CRC Monitoring Mechanism has worked on since it first took up its activities in November of 2015 are listed here in alphabetical order. Each one is linked to a text that begins with a brief introduction to issue ("What is the issue?"), then explains how the UN CRC relates to the issue ("What does the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child require?") and ends by describing specifically what the National CRC Monitoring Mechanism is doing, or has done, in the area ("How is the National CRC Monitoring Mechanism engaging with this issue?"). There are also links to texts or websites offering additional information about the issue under the heading "Further information".

Age restrictions in German law
Best interests of the child
Children of incarcerated persons
Children’s rights indicators
Children's rights in the constitution
Complaint mechanisms for children and adolescents
Marriages involving minors
Measures depriving children of libert
Refugee children in collective accommodation facilities
Registration of the births of children of refugees