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About us

The German Institute for Human Rights houses a human rights library open to the public. The reference library provides print and electronic media as well as information about human rights in German and English.

In line with the activities of the German Institute for Human Rights, the library collects mainly literature on the human rights situation in Germany and on the European and international human rights protection systems. It also contains current human rights books and journals (print and electronic) relevant to the Institute's main research topics. The collection is interdisciplinary but has a focus on political science and law. Additionally, the library holds a large collection of materials on human rights education as well as on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Information and documentation

In the website section Menschenrechtsinstrumente (in German only) the library provides information about the most important human rights treaties. It also contains documents on Germany's reports to the UN Treaty Bodies and the Human Rights Council (UPR), including alternative reports submitted by civil society organizations, as well as reports on Germany by European monitoring bodies.  In addition, the library has compiled an extensive list of  Links  to human rights resources on the Internet. Trainings on internet research for students, NGO members and other interested groups are offered on request.


The library is accessible for wheelchair users. A workstation for blind and visually impaired readers is available.

The library's collection of literature on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities includes a number of publications in Easy-to-Read format Easy-to-read materials (PDF, 283 KB, not barrier-free)


Twice a year, the library organizes readings on human rights issues.