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State party review

Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) in Germany was examined by the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for the first time on 26–27 March 2015 in Geneva.

As a result of its review, the Committee adopted its Concluding Observations on 17 April 2015. In this document, the committee’s experts reveal problems, raise points of criticism and formulate recommendations, which point the way forward for further UN CRPD implementation in Germany. The Concluding Observations call on federal, Länder and local authorities to attend to the implementation recommendations pertaining to their respective mandates. Germany must report on the status of the realisation of the rights of persons with disabilities again by no later than 24 March 2019, giving particular consideration to the Committee’s recommendations. Germany will then once again be subject to review and assessment by the Committee.

Scrutiny of implementation process

In the wake of the state party review, the National CRPD Monitoring Mechanism attaches great importance to the scrutiny of the implementation of the Committee’s Concluding Observations in Germany and to providing critical input in support of that implementation.

Under the menu item "State party review", you will find a range of materials relating to the Concluding Observations, including the documentation of a conference on the subject entitled "Prüfung abgelegt – und nun?" (Sat the exam – what now?) as well as papers presenting the views of the National CRPD Monitoring Mechanism on individual aspects of CRPD implementation.
Information about the structure of the review procedure is provided under the sub-menu item Information on the review procedure. You will find all of the key documents relating to the 2011-2015 State party review procedure for Germany there as well.

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