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Overview of the franchise exclusions applying to persons with disabilities

Thuringia no no
Federal government / Land Right to vote for people with assigned Betreuung* extending over all matters Right to vote for residents of psychiatric hospitals who were involuntarily committed
Federal level no no
European Parliament election no no
Baden-Württemberg no yes
Bavaria no no
Berlin no no
Brandenburg no no
Bremen no yes
Hamburg no no
Hesse no yes
Lower Saxony no no
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern no yes
North Rhine-Westphalia yes yes
Rhineland-Palatinate no Active franchise: Yes

Passive franchise: No

Saarland no no
Saxony no Federal state election: No

Local election: Yes

Saxony-Anhalt no yes
Schleswig-Holstein yes Active franchise: Yes

Passive franchise: No

Note: As a rule, the information provided for each of the Länder applies to elections to both the Land parliaments and local governments.

* Betreuung is a modified form of guardianship through which a court appoints a legal representative for specified groups of tasks (matters) without depriving the subject of legal capacity.

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